love story.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes and in his eyes, totally in love. it as if an invincible shield was protecting them from anyone who had the audacity to ruin this seemingly perfect couple. his eyes would tend to wander, but never for very long because he would suddenly shift his focus into the actuality of the situation instead of his putrid fantasy; it's as if a switch in his subconscious mind reminded him of the person he had his arm around. She looked confident and bold; she used the fierce glare in her eyes to let other bitches know they need to fuck off. At that moment, i wished i could be her, because she had something I didn’t have. this gorgeous girl had steeze and her hott boyfriend was the complement, the icing on the cake. as i get distracted and shift my focus on something else...i later see the girl again, the fierce glare and boldness in her eyes had disappeared. She had a tinge of pain that appeared in her eyes, and this time, her boyfriend wasn't by her side. She was looking across the other side of the room, her boyfriend was flirting with another girl and before he would do anything, he made sure his girlfriend was watching and once he was sure his girlfriend was looking, he grabbed the other girls’ ass. he pretended he didn't know his girlfriend was watching, he believed his intentions were a harmless joke, he ran back to his girlfriend, laughing, yet she was obviously upset. Then at that moment, I realized despite the many differences between us, I had forgotten that she was human and so was i. i knew exactly how it felt to be secretly enraged while you watched someone you adore do something bad. It as if every bad thing he did was like small stabs to your heart, but when you see him doing something good, you smile, and instantly that infatuation grows stronger and those small stabs to your fragile heart are suddenly healed. From that moment, I promised myself I would never let myself feel inferior towards my own assumptions-a lesson, definitely learned.

P.S. i've been in hawaii (oahu) since the 4th of june and i'll be back in FL July 24, oh and i'll try to update more often! :P

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