you caught my heart for the evening.

the heels i'm wearing were $6!
they were originally $30 but payless was having a sale that day...
so lucky me.
payless is officialy the bomb.com hahh


save me from misery.

i took these pictures before i left for school, my braid isn't very noticeable (basically shitty & pathetic,ha) i fixed it at school though & i was planning on re-taking a picture of my hair but once i got home i went straight to my room & took a nap, then when i woke up...my hair was a mess! and obviously i was to lazy to redo it again...so sorry. hahh
+ i am wearing (white) shorts, not just the shirt and sandals :P
oh & those shoes were a gift from one of my aunties in hawaii,we received her random package yesterday. i don't mind her presents (it feels like christmas every month now) yet when she's constantly sending us things we don't ask for, it gets to the point where i feel bad since she's buying us so many things! before you think i'm spoiled by my relatives, my auntie does buy the rest of my family members things too. well besides the sandals, my auntie also sent me a pair of cute keroppi pajamas. i did realize that the sandals is a weird shade of gold though, so my mom & i are gonna return it to the macy's over here and buy a pair of shoes i'll truly love.
hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend!
hopefully my weekend will consist of: shopping,movies, and the fair with megan.

p.s. i can't wait 'till next week,especially 4/20 since i'll be going to school baked.
:] tehehee.


to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

( i stole those feathers in ceramics, i thought it added a playful touch to my outfit :P)

(oh & this is my mosaic tile i made a few months ago)

since my day was uneventful and i have nothing worthy to blog about...
here's a video for your entertainment:


I can't hide from my own eyes.

"I just wanna fade right out of myself... like when shadows disappear in twilight, and it's getting so much harder to accept the fact that I am stuck here."
-Daphne loves Derby

all good things come to an end.

sorry for the lack of updating! i still feel like i should be on spring break and i've been feeling lazy lately. i've also gone into an "i dont care" mood & i'm not motivated to do anything...and the reason is because i found out my mom has decided that i'm not going to texas this summer to see my bestfriend (whom i haven't seen in a year & 4 months)


i will find a way to have a great summer with my bestie, i deserve it, and no one will stop me...

well anyway here's a few pictures from the rest of my spring break. oh & we ended up going to epcot and magic kingdom. + we also went to Andretti's & the beach on saturday. after playing laser tag (which i'm a BEAST at lol) and go-karting, we spent the rest of the day at the beach and had an egg scavenger hunt and an egg relay race.
(btw,the pictures aren't in order & click any picture to enlarge)

(cathleen & i)

(my sisters & i)

(michael & i)


my future's so bright, i gotta wear shades.

^michael & i

^at cocoa beach

so far my spring break has consisted of the beach,sand castles,yummy foods, reminiscing, takin pictures, smokin herb, laughter, punching/slapping,fighting,bruises,karaoke,and watching movies.

more things to do while on spring break:
2) Epcot or Magic Kingdom (were going to either of the parks tomorrow, woot-woot!)
3) Andretti's
4) Strawberry Daiquiri's ;D
5) exercise
6) paint michael's toenails with my scented nail polish & draw obscenities on his face while he's sleeping bwhahaa
7) smoke more cannabis (i'm such a pothead :P)

well hope everyone is having a great week so far!! ♥

+ here is a video for your amusement:


trynna find a hand to hold.

(isn't that thee cutest ring ever?! sorry it's sorta blurry though)

& in case you were wondering...
that is an authentic louis vuitton handbag, mhmm!!
well my parent's can't afford this, but i haven't mentioned that my relatives in california & hawaii are pretty wealthy...so they randomly send me things and old clothes that don't fit their kids anymore since they're mostly in their 20's now.
yay for rich relatives!

:D <3

so basically i'm wearing hand-me-downs in this whole post...
except the ring, i "borrowed" it from my little sister.

oh & doesn't it suck when you like a guy or think he's cute & then you find out something that just breaks your heart or just completely turns you off?