Yeh yeh yehhhh

Song of the day: Hard-Rihanna

I love this blue pleather jacket :) Just bought it this weekend and it's kept me warm during this "cold" weather were having this week. By the way, it was definitely weird coming back to school on tuesday, i shed a few tears in some classes since people asked me why i was missing for so long. I'm so overwhelmed by some of my classmates who barely talk to me but care so much & now they've been talking to me more. Well i hope it's the reason is simply because they're genuine & not just showing sympathy.

Oh & you guys should totally check out this chick, she has amazing photos & overall a lovely blog: painthappy.tumblr.com


RIP Daddy,we love you & miss you.

I know I haven't updated this recently but the reason is because my step-dad passed away on february 4...so I've been too busy to focus on anything else but my family. If you want to know more about it, click the following link & read my story.Oh & I'd appreciate if you vote for my story as well, and if it's isn't too much, I'd be so grateful to you if you spread it; I need as many votes I can get. here is the link-http://tinyurl.com/yfhtm32
I thank you in advance for your understanding & support.
By the way I plan on posting a few outfits next week,hopefully I won't be too swamped with 2 weeks worth of classwork/homework I need to make up :/

p.s. here is a picture of my own personal american flag w/a cool box + awards my step-dad received while he was alive. The picture of the sunset was taken through the window on the day we first visited him in the ICU.