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What is your favorite food to eat for thanksgiving?
Mine is mash potatoes!
So I'm expecting this 5 day weekend to be very relaxing.I'm not going out of town to anywhere special for thanksgiving...just staying home with my family and consuming too many calories. hahh
I would also just like to say that i'm thankful for being blessed with the ones i love & things i have; i'm especially thankful for living.


I want your love and i want your revenge.

Outfit 1:brown blazer,floral blue dress,sheer black tights & black heels.

Outfit 2:
black blazer,floral blue dress,sheer black tights & gray boots.

^i was jumping in this picture

better attempt(s) at a "jumping picture":

My weekend was good. Friday i caught up with my MB ;) a nickname for my friend in germany. Saturday afternoon my family & i watched New Moon and just to let you know...i cried at the scene when Edward dumped her & also the scene before the werewolves saved Bella from the vampire with the dreads.
i'm such a cry baby! haha D:
Also, to be honest, i would've chose Jacob, but apparently Bella & Edward are in lurveeeee so i respect her decision. By the way,I haven't read any of the twilight books so idk how the story ends, but i hope Jacob gets a girl. :)
I guess i'll have to say i'm on Team Jacob because he was left with a broken heart, can't believe i feel sympathy for a werewolf.
geez i sound like a NERD. hehe.
Anyway after the movies, my family & i went shopping & then i hung out with Jacob for most of the night then Kayla & Thomas joined us. Now today isn't exciting; a typical sunday=time to finish homework. *sighh*

Well hope everyone had a great weekend!

Oh & my current favorite song is:



I had to get a cavity filled today and i usually have appointments in the morning but i missed my original appointment at 10:50 so i had to go at 2 in the afternoon...so instead of having the usual people working on my teeth; there were new ones and they were obnoxious.
The guy who was filling my cavity kept telling Helen Keller jokes. I know who she is but while he was working on my teeth, he asked me if i knew what Helen Keller looked like and i simply said "no" and he said "it's okay, she doesn't either"
HA-HA. (sarcasm) sure it's kinda funny...but i was concerned as to why they were busy laughing, not focusing on their job.
by the way, what is it with dentists trying to have a conversation with me when i clearly can't talk back due to having (potential) dangerous machinery in my mouth?


wild thing, you make my heart sing.

i took this picture circa 6:30 am in front of my house. pretty right? :)

i love my beanie that technically isn't mine ;)

( my baby sister's stroller is in the corner :p^)

i curled my hair this morning but by the time i finished curling all of it, the rest had fell flat... dunno why my hair wasn't cooperating today -_-


behind enemy lines

^isn't that blazer adorable?to bad it was made for a 2 year old D: ha i found it in the childrens section at goodwill and i was surprised i could (barely) fit in it. the only thing i bought from goodwill was a pin of an elephant balancing on a ball; i'm turning it into a necklace...so look out for that in a future post if you're interested.

hope everyone has been having a good weekend!
p.s. read about the Oneness Day Petition, and decide if you want to sign it or not, to learn more about the Oneness Day Petition, go to: http://imaginepeace.com/news/archives/7501
i'm the 15,594 person who signed the Oneness Day Petition, help the Humanity's Team reach 50,000!
(i have also mentioned this awhile back in one of my posts)


everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it.

(the wind was ferocious today, hence my tangled hair)

i had an orthodontist appointment this morning, i now have to wear rubberbands & it sucks because the pain & soreness i feel in my mouth is inexplicable. after that,on the way back to school i stopped by starbucks and ordered a grande hot white chocolate mocha. i received a few compliments on my outfit, i was so flattered. for example as i entered the lobby into the orthodontist office, the nurse automatically said "well you look cute!"
then at starbucks the cashier said she liked the color of my nails, and one of my teachers said she loved my blazer. there were a few more but i don't want to sound like i'm bragging :P (btw,i took my rubberbands off before we started taking pictures)
hope everyone is having a great week so far, tomorrow is friday! wooooo
this weekend becca & i plan on going to goodwill to go on a shopping spree.

(found the picture on google & added the quote.)


wine red

What do you think about my costume?
i bought the red fabric at walmart and made it into a cape, it has a really cool texture too.
Oh & why is lipstick ridiculously difficult to remove?it took me at least 10 minutes to get it off, and my lips were still red afterwards. Hope all of you had a great weekend and lots of candy!


i put a spell on you, and now you're mine.

What are you doing this weekend for halloween & what are you going to be?
I'm going as little red riding hood, going to go trick-or-treating for about an hour or so & then going to my friend Jacob's house to PARTY!
My favorite halloween song is Monster Mash & my favorite movie to watch on halloween is Hocus Pocus.
Hocus Pocus premiered on abc family on the 24th and i recorded it and i'm planning on watching it again tonight.
Oh & took a few pictures because i'm that lame :P
i just wanted to point out i think her outfit is adorable, it makes me want to find a red peacoat asap. woahh i just realized this outfit reminds me of little red riding hood!

Max: "this is the girl of my dreams"

Dani: "so...take her to the movies like a normal person."

^even though that's not a very good picture of Sarah Jessica Parker, she's my favorite character in the movie, she makes witches look like good witches :) ha

Thackery: "I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle."

I wonder if any curious kids ever asked their parents what exactly a virgin is? awkward!


sweet heart, bitter heart.

"I think your heart grows back bigger, you know? Once you've got the shit beat out of you, and the universe lets your heart expand that way, I think that's the function of all this pain and heartache that we all go through, you gotta go through that to come out to a better place."- From the movie Must Love Dogs.

I truly believe that sometimes, things have to get worse, before they can get better.

^picture from http://www.hawthornephotography.com/
i added the quote, it's from the song Brothers on a hotel bed by Death Cab for Cutie
i've been inspired by runawaytrain.tumblr.com
expect a few more quotes w/pictures.
hope all of you have had a great weekend.



today in science, I learned the most fascinating thing ever.well I hope
you know that most stars aren't very close to us, it can take years,
even millions or billions of years for the light of a star to reach
Earth...so from now on, everytime I look at a star, i know that I'm
seeing the past.
isn't that amazing? I'm quite flabbergasted,and probably will be for the
next few days. I love learning new things! :)

(picture from: spacetelescope.org)


Oh, it is love.

Ash Stymest & I.

mind over matter

^as i was moving around,i wasn't aware that i had taken this, and i didn't edit it. doesn't it look trippy?

Song for today: Misguided Ghosts by Paramore

Btw, my mom was going to buy me tickets to see Paramore since they're performing at the House of Blues in Orlando on October 26. The shitty part is that i found out in August and soon after i got grounded and by the time my mom & i were back on good terms, it was too late to buy any tickets since it was sold out. ughh, hate those 2 words, SOLD OUT.
i hope i'll get the chance to see Paramore live one sweet day.
sirrrr-y (my fun way to say sorry,hahh) i don't have anything intriguing to blog about...

but i will leave you with-what i think is a hilarious video.

I'll also leave you with this thought:
"Girls are superheroes. Who else could bleed for weeks and not die?

Oh & p.s. started following blogs on tumblr, anyone know any blogspot accounts that are similar to these?
these blogs are a great way to pass time
:) ha