my head is spinning, but my heart is in the right place.

belt- wetseal

shorts- wetseal
plaid button-up- rave
shirt- souvenir store in germany

my ceramics buddies! ♥

if you didn't know i was a bookworm,now you know. i just love to read, anything and everything. it started when i was 12, my grandpa and i would go to Borders at least every weekend and i would pick at least 5 new books for him to buy...you could say he spoils me :P hahh
so since my grandparents recently moved in with us, we go through a few boxes every week to find my books (they have a lot of boxes, my grandma is a pack rat,heh) what makes this procedure more frustrating is that my grandma forgot to label the boxes before they shipped them over. i know i have 100+ books(accumluated over 3 years)
we found about 40 books so far and i can't wait until we find all of them.

hope everyone is having a great week so far!
3 more days until spring break for me,wooot-wooot.

p.s. my mom's best friend and her family is coming down here for spring break, and i'm sooo excited since i haven't seen them in about 2 years.

anyone doing anything exciting for spring break?i'd love to know if you'd like to share.


très chic

last night, my little sisters & i were watching the kid's choice awards (just to see the jonas brothers ofcourse hahaa) so when high school musical 3 won best movie and as the cast walked onto the stage to accept the award...my jaw literally dropped when i saw vanessa's outfit,not only is she gorgeous (and filipino!) i really adore her style, and i felt slightly jealous of her fringe top since i've been quite obsessed with fringe for awhile now...i think the reason is is because the black fringe dress from armani exchange stole my heart.


you're too good at pretending you don't care.

oversized shirt: target
shorts (originally capris) : Navy Exchange in hawaii (military store)
leggings: walmart
keds: BX (military store)

i had a lot of fun yesterday,to summarize it, it consisted of: the beach,driving around,random parks,sunshine,laughter,picture taking,smokin', manowar jellyfishes' and food. i would honestly love to elaborate on yesterday's events (in chronological order of course)...but i guess you could say they were one of those "you had to be there" moments.
ohhhh but i will share this with you,during our photo session at the beach we all experienced a "hold your breath" moment when my fedora hat flew off of my head and almost into the vast ocean. luckily i reacted quickly and sprinted after that hat!(surprisingly...considering the state of mind i was in) THANK THE LORD, HALLELUJAH i caught that hat cause i was definitely not going to jump in the water,especially when creepy dead manowar jellyfishes were floating around.

the following are a few pictures from yesterday:

^my buddy,evan.

^becca & i

^megan & i

becca & i played chubby bunny with peeps :P

Chubby Bunny:

p.s. check out her other entertaining & amusing videos; her youtube name is: ndtitanlady


support earth hour!


for more information, visit: earthhour.org
today was very eventful and fun, expect pictures in the next post

& LOL at this:

(i can't find the original whole version, they're just highlights from this segment)


If this be not love, it is madness, and then it is pardonable.

is it obvious i don't look so happy in the 1st picture? well the reason is because i think i just fucked up something that'd could've been something more. if that even makes sense...sighh.
BUT i'm pretty excited for tomorrow though since i'll be missing school to go to the beach with friends.

+ here's a video for your viewing pleasure:

shirt- old navy
cardigan- H&M
belt- Zara
shoes- pascottini
skirt- ?


i found it all, but i lost my soul.

shorts- forever 21
belt- wet seal
earrings- H&M
shirt- ?

my grandma just recently gave me this shirt,it was probably from a relative. i actually grew up in cali and lived there for 6 years. my step-dad was stationed at travis air force base,which was in fairfield + it was great since it wasn't far from the "bay area" and we used to drive there often. we would also take yearly trips down to san diego,despite the 10 hour drive and always driving by the stinky cow farm, it was always worth it to reunite with family. *sighhh every time i reminisce about the past i get into such a gloomy mood. but even though i miss cali so much, i won't have to miss it for too long since my plan is to go to college there,i'm still indecisive about where or what college but it'll either be near the bay area or down in LA. sooo just 3 more years and i'll be back home.

p.s. despite the fact i'm honestly a perfectionist when it comes to writing, i usually don't use capital letters or proper sentence structure on here, it's cause i honestly hate using capital letters, i know i totally contradicted myself, but who gives a _ _ _ _ , it's the internet no one cares...
on the bright side, at least i dont type like this: wAsz uPP h0M3sl!c3
(no offense) ♥ :]

AND LOL at this!!


you can't say no forever.

hope everyone is having a good weekend, i've just been playing my guitar all morning and trying to re-learn everything i used to know. my fingers are so sore now *sighh well no pain no gain right?! ha

my fingernails don't have random letters painted on them, it actually spells out "revolution" if you unscramble it; i got the idea from Teen Vogue's March Issue.

earrings- Forever 21
jeans- H&M
ring- from my mom
wedges- Hillard & Hanson
black shirt- target
green cardigan- charlotte russe

p.s. i wore this outfit on friday.
i'm really lazy with labeling the things i wear, but i'm trying to start.
if you ever want to know what i'm wearing in a certain post from before, just let me know.


never satisfied.

well the pictures below are from last weekend, lately i've been having so much fun & also being busy with schoolwork keeps me from having free time to update...but since i have no plans this weekend, i decided i should post and not neglect this blog,ha. anyway today in english we learned about oxymorons which i thought was intriguing + they're fun to create :P geez i'm sucha nerd,tehehe. oh & then after we were done discussing about oxymorons,i presented my biography project on John Lennon, i don't even know what grade i got...but i think i did pretty good, so hopefully i got an A. i also found out that during science as we were working on pedigree charts and analyzing all of our features, most of the class had hitchhiker's thumb and mine looked so akward cause mine sticks straight up,and i literally stuck out like a sore thumb hahh. then i felt more uncomfortable when my teacher started talking about almond eyes and she mentioned that mostly asians have them and the whole class shifted their focus on me, at that moment i JUST realized i'm the only asian in that class, and the school year is already almost done in a few months. i think it's quite obvious i'm oblivious :P

^ doesn't my friend somewhat resemble Jason Mraz?!


I'm a riot!

I'm so excited for this weekend,I think this will be the funnest weekend this month since after this weekend I'll be super busy with projects and schoolwork. oh & currently I'm working on a song with kaya about the 60's + we get extra credit. oh & if you have any suggestions or ideas about what we should include in our song, just email me or comment here.
thanks :]
to do list:
1) read The Catcher in the Rye & The Prophet
2) I've been wanting to find something similar to the fringe dress I saw at armani exchange but because I couldn't afford it, I've been hoping to find something else with fringes,a bag,shirt,dress, etc. then when I saw adeline(adelinerapon.blogspot.com)
I was honestly enthralled when I saw her fringe robe/dress. right then & there, I was seriously ready to go on a fringe scavenger hunt!
3) shopping, I bought a shitload of jeans this month, now I need to start searching for some more shirts that I can wear at school and when I go out.
4) find a dress I can wear for spring/summer
5) lose at least 10 pounds because I gained back everything I lost last month.


*click* i'll call this look, "boredom".

ehh,sorta bummed today cause i got my top braces put back on

hippy hippy shake!

despite the fact some jerks pissed me off in 6th period today, I had an okay day.
I'm excited to start on our new chapter ,it's about the 1960's. i have a feeling the next few weeks in american history are going to be very interesting.
oh & coincidentally, i wore my beatles tee today & Mr.B liked it & plus, it was like the perfect day to wear it. we also had to pick a name from a list of "hippy names" and i narrowed it down to coral,little flower, or lolita; i decided to pick lolita ;]


mission completed.

so today, i bought a fedora hat,from charlotte russe...and
i bought the very last one,bwhahahaha!
i was so happy that no one got to it before me, and i also bought my first thong.(specifically 5) my mom won't buy them for me, so i decided to finally buy some since i had extra money,tehehe I'm sucha a sneaky rebel
well hope everyone had a great weekend, i'm off to work on homework.


bold in black.

i usually don't paint my nails because i'm always fidgeting with something and that always ruins the polish...yet i've come to realize that i really love my nails black, it makes me feel bold.
my little sister thinks i'm turning gothic though, hah.