now the road is a minefield.

woaaaah,it's been to long since i've updated! my excuse: besides being busy from school & such, i haven't updated because my camera is broken D:
i know that just because my camera is broken, it shouldn't prevent me from updating...but it's probably because i finally have a life, lol jk! honestly though, if i blog about the things that i've been doing lately & other occurrences that has happened, i would probably get negative feedback. so, i guess things are better left unsaid.

oh & i'm currently addicted to ginger ale (the soda) i really shouldn't be drinking it though since i'm trying to lose weight...ughh.

(taken few months ago)


take me to the riot.

(thanks to poladroid.net)

so my weekend was pretty chill & relaxing, which was what i definitely needed.
hmm, & i have a feeling i'm going to be very busy this week.
p.s. Barack Obama will officially be our president in 9 days.


love is on the line,can you handle it?

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so this afternoon i practiced the dance with my group and it was really fun & it wasn't bad as i thought it would be. *pheww
i was surprised i had rhythm and i was in sync with my group,hah. oh & if you were wondering,were doing a traditional filipino dance. it's a really graceful dance and you have to have good balancing skills. basically,we have a candle in each hand and we do these complicated hand moves & at one point you have to balance a candle on top of your head. the other clubs like the french and spanish club are also participating. the french,spanish,and asian club have to perform something related from a country. as I mentioned before,it's a traditional filipino dance which would obviously originate from the philipines. were also doing a second dance,I don't know what it is yet,but I'll find out on tuesday since were practicing again. hopefully I'll memorize the dances by january 30. (day we actually perform)
then after practice, my fam & i went to the bowling alley,it was really boring though.

^i thought the pattern on the table was cool,heh.

then once we were done bowling,my parents decided we should stop by the beach,which was less than 5 minutes away. I wish we could've stayed longer, but it was windy and my mom didn't want my baby sister to get sick.


my aim is to succeed.

so I just realized january is going to be a very hectic month. i have a lot to do for the asian club,especially since international night is near. this saturday, i have to learn and practice the dance with my group. i barely know them and since their seniors, it intimidating. i'll probably be fine though,they seem nice. plus, their filipino...so i think we'll get along. oh & currently, school is my #1 priority; hence the lack of updates. hope you didn't miss me too much,ha. well my day was okay, 6th period was amazing (as usual) we were watching freedom writers and Mr.B cooked popcorn,mmm. oh & if you read my first blog post, I was pretty depressed & miserable. now,I'm actually satisfied & content with how things are going. maybe I'm just being incredibly optimistic, but there's a possibility I might start to like it here :O woahh!I never thought that could happen,heh. well, it's probably because I'm starting to accept (again) that everything happens for a reason,and also that good things come to those who wait.

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p.s. shout out to my girls,maya & becca ;D


staying optimistic.

summer,I want you now.
so its typical for me to get my hopes up and get extremely excited...the reason is,is because my grandpa is willing to pay my plane ticket so i can visit my best friend during summer vacation! oh & if I do go I also get to see my brothers from another mother (not literally) I haven't seen them circa 5 years. it amazes me how my best friend lives quite close to them too.hmm...coincidence? well there's always the possibility that something may go wrong and I won't be able to visit,but I'm staying optimistic.


i'm walking into your spiderwebs.

so the other day,i was cleaning my room and i found ripped out pages from past magazines. they're a group of my favorite looks/outfit.
hope you enjoy :]
oh & sorry for the bad quality my camera isn't functioning properly and the pages are crumpled and creased.

^that dress is amazing,if i wore something like that it would engulf my shortness.

^ this picture is blurry,so just in case you were wondering,that's michelle williams.

^i saw this actual fringe dress at Armani Exchange a few months ago and i fell in LOVE with it,sadly it broke my heart because it was $120 :(

^in the last two pictures,does anyone know who that is? I checked out their website but there’s no information about their models.


hello 2009.

my new years eve was pretty chill,I hung out with my friend megan. around lunch time,we went to starbucks and i bought a light mocha frappuccino. then we went to a park/beach/dock to take pictures and smoke cigarettes. I took a nap once I got home and when I woke up it was already 10:30. so I put my polka dotted dress on and I filled my purse with change. oh by the way,it's a filipino tradition to wear polka dots,have loose change on you, and jump up & down once it's the new year. by doing this,supposedly it brings you good luck and more money.
oh & my parents bought "fireworks" so we went out around 11:30 to light them up. our fireworks weren't intriguing and didn't light up the sky.

so after lighting up the fireworks,we went back inside and watched new
years rockin' eve with ryan seacrest. when I saw the people in new york dressed in coats,hats,gloves,and other necessities for cold weather, I felt slightly jealous because cold weather reminds me of germany,and I miss living in germany...but i was satisfied with the weather in our area because it was actually chilly. oh & after the ball dropped, the cameras were suddenly focused on strangers making out, which made me feel a wee bit uncomfortable. seriously though,they showed couple after couple for at least 5 minutes,ha. anyway, once I got tired,I changed into my pj's and wore the scarf my auntie sent me for christmas.(it's really soft!)
p.s. to the people reading this,happy new year! x