(my bangs aren't actually like this,but i did have this similar haircut 2 years ago)

3 facts about yourself:
1) I haven't dyed my hair, it's all natural.
2) My mom named me after her favorite model, Niki Taylor
3) I've moved 4 times
(hawaii to california back to hawaii then to germany & to florida)

2 favorite female celebrities:
1) Kiera Knightly
2) Catherine Zeta Jones

Favorite male celebrity:
Johnny Depp

2 favorite male artists:
John Lennon
Bob Marley

2 favorite female artists:
1)Hayley; lead singer of Paramore
2)Katy Perry

Favorite quote(s):
"I think, therefore I am."
and most quotes from the book: Tao Te Ching

What do you think of writing?
Writing allows you to say anything about everything.

Favorite brand(s) you can't afford:
Juicy Couture & Chanel :(
my goal is to buy at least 1 thing from Juicy & Chanel once I have a job,ha.

Most addictive websites:
myspace, blogger, and polyvore.

Current favorite song(s):
I hate this part-Pussycat Dolls
Blame it-Jamie Foxx (feat.T-pain)
Pop champagne- Ron Browz
Eleanor Rigby Beatles cover- The Fray

What's your nationality?
Full Pinay

What kind of phone do you have?
T-mobile Sidekick Slide

What's the last thing you ate?
an orange

Favorite language?

Most favorite tv show?
Skins! <3

How long does it take you to get ready?
Around an hour or so

5 places you want to visit:

Favorite magazine(s):
Teenvogue & Cosmogirl

p.s. no one has left a book suggestion on my previous post titled "t'whaaat?!"...if you know any good books that's worthy to read, please comment or send it to my email: nguzman2@tmail.com
please & thanks! x


on a whim

since i have nothing better to do when i'm sick & bored at home,i created a polyvore account :]

Find me on Polyvore

p.s. if you want to see a (real) picture of rihanna after chris beat her, go to: perezhilton.com


blame it on the alcohol

Have you heard the song Blame It by Jamie Foxx? I gotta say it's as contagious as the song Umbrella by Rihanna. Anyway, today was good, despite the fact my family & a lot of people at my school are sick . i think i've already caught something though cause i feel terrible + i have a headache.


putrid fantasies.

today was pretty good,i was on another sugar high from 9am
and throughout the day i was hyper...then i crashed in 7th period and took a nap :P
so i finally brought home my mom's belated birthday present,correlates to my previous post (specifically 6 months late)
i blame it on the douche bag i have as a teacher for ceramics,bleh.
anyway,my mom's reaction was priceless.
i was like "mom this is an important event, but just to let you know...it's missing an eye."
her reaction: *smiles/surprised* then she goes "OH,it's missing an eye...but i still like it" *fake smile*

oh & i expressed my feelings about someone today; not so much in a good way, but hopefully the person i confessed too is trustworthy...


kaya scodelario <3

she's gorgeous & her outfits are always perfect. (in my opinion)

i especially love this outfit, even though you can see up her dress i like how the whole outfit has a grunge vibe;ruffles on her dress,bunch of accessories,fish-net stockings & boots. plus, it definitely suits her character though because effy is rebellious, like most teenagers, and the fact that effy & the rest of the characters are relatable, it's what makes skins an amazing show.

just dance!

so yesterday my fam & i went to orlando,
and if you've read my previous post from my thanksgiving weekend; you'd probably know who adrianne is. well, it was her sister's 18th birthday party and they were having a small party at their house. it was supahhh fun, we danced alot and ate lots of strawberry cheescake,mmm. oh & while we were getting jiggy, they had a yoga ball and i tried sitting on it and i fell off of it and hit my back against adrianne's bed...

& yes,they caught it on video!lol so i'll probably post it on here for your entertainment


(hehe,me & my ginger ale :P)

( i look like a bitch,but i was looking at something and i didn't know my sister was taking a pic,hahh)

(adrianne & i)

(the birthday girl,& she was falling off the ball :P)


love is in the air.

happy valentines day bloggers!
today,the fam and I are off to orlando...so expect pictures in the next post ;P
well I'm going to get ready now,hope all of you have a great day <3


shveeet treats.

so for ceramics, were currently making a clay mask and I wanted to cooperate some characteristics of fafi's characters'.
oh by the way, i finally finished painting my keroppi :P i'll post a picture soon.
(correlates to my previous post)
were also painting our (mosaic) tiles and i got really bored so i put various colors of paint on my fingers and i used my friend's hand as a canvas:
overall,today was pretty chill,I got bags of candy from my friends and even my history teacher. i've been on a sugar high since 11am,which caused me to be less bitchy (time of the month) because whenever I have chocolate,I'm always happy!hahh. & this might be irrelevant...but i convinced my mom to let me study for my permit!

oh & here's some outfits for your viewing pleasure:


fafi love ♥

i discovered fafi about 2 years ago,and i love all her creations.i suddenly got inspired and decided to try and look like one of her characters.

bitter thoughts.

I once heard, "when you find something good,you shouldn't let go until it's time to let go."

I thought I found something good, but then I realized that it's not what I expected it to be and now I feel extremely foolish and disappointed. I know I should let go, but I know i won't...until I get what I want.


this outfit reminds me of the riddle/song: i'm bringing home a baby bumblebee.

once, my friend was singing it and i seriously believed she randomly made up a song about bringing home a baby bumblebee. i told her that it was the first time i've ever heard of the song and she was pretty shocked because supposedly most kids learn the song in kindergarten or something...but speaking of bees, i despise bees and most insects; so i would never literally bring a baby bumble bee home,hahh.

nonetheless, the song is still fun to sing.


*(by the way,I'm wearing shorts)