Happiness is nothing but everyday living seen through a veil.

So i can't believe that i have less than a month of school left...as a junior! Which means after May-give or take a few days-i'll have another month left 'til we're on a plane to Cali. There was also a change in plans, next week i'm not going to Cali for the entire week with my mom to search for a house; instead she'll be going alone while the rest of us stay here. -_-
Oh and starting monday and the following 2 weeks, i'll be smelling like dead cats.Wait, that probably sounds totally horrid!
Don't worry, i'm not going on a cat killing spree so it's not neccessary to put your cat on lockdown. It's because for my anatomy & physiology class, we're starting on our cat dissections. On friday, we got into groups and met our cats, we have a(nameless) female feline. Although i've dissected a cow eyeball and a sheep brain (our class even watched an autopsy) idk if i'm ready to actually dissect a cat.There's something that gnaws at my spine everytime i think about touching it & opening it up. Blehhh.
Anyway, this afternoon i rode my bike around my neighborhood for about 30 mins and once i got home, i noticed a dark tan line where my shorts were.ughh! i don't like getting tan and the fact i tan easily. Other than my silly rant, i enjoyed my bike ride, i actually noticed the distinct pleasant smell of the various flowers, thanks to the breeze that brought it to my attention. The soft breeze cooled me down and i felt so relaxed as i listened to music. lately, i've been feeling content and i feel the sense of excitement wanting to burst out of my soul.

this outfit was what i wore monday which i should've posted that day but didn't because i took a nap instead :P

^ Becca took a picture of my lips through my kaleidoscope.


Cause i'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails, Oooh hell.

btw, the title is a lyric from one of my favorite songs :)
2 cool points if you know it!
Updates: I made a facebook last night! ha (facebook.com/nguzman23) Last Wednesday I had a lovely picnic with my closest friends. On saturday, spent the day at Epcot with my fam/relatives.Then Sunday, spent the day at Universal + Islands of Adventure. Yesterday, went shopping; bought a tank top & sunglasses (wearing the sunglasses in this post) from H&M, bought a romper and a purse at XXI, bought another romper at Urban Outfitters (which i'm wearing in this post) 2 rings from Aldo (also wearing in this post) and stole a tank top from Banana Republic :x
On 4/20-4/27 I'll be in Cali with my mom to search for our new house that we should be moving into by June.
Also, hopefully on June 20 I'll be going to Islands of Adventure to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with a few friends.

Now i'm off to work out, do laundry,finish homework, and then watch Love Games:Bad Girls Need Love Too.


^it was so windy!