Carpe Diem

So its official were moving in June,since I found out... I've been trying to fulfill as many plans as I can that I want to do with my friends. Its disappointing to know that even though I despised this place, I took it for granted. I guess you could say my mood lately has been to "carpe diem"; seize the day.I've learned life is short & mine could end at any second, yet idk why I've become too accustomed to taking things for granted, but I'm trying really hard to change. Living here, there's been lack of spontaneity in my life that I miss and wish I could have more of here before I move,I want to be able to look back & remember the good times I got to spend with my friends during the last months,to also be able to say that those were the greatest moments while living in florida.Oh & I have to mention that lately I feel a bit discouraged when i hear "But your moving" then I realized, those 3 words just give me even more incentive to put in as much effort as I can to do what I want before I move,I'm not letting the fact I'm moving stop me from living my life to the fullest.I'm open to absolutely anything,looking forward to any good surprises,and maybe I'll even find a sweet boy :P I just hope all of you realize to "carpe diem" everyday,starting NOW.

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Creepy coincidence.

So our new topic in psychology is forensic psychology and currently on the subject of serial killers.We have to do a research project on one serial killer from my teacher's specific list &
I randomly picked-Henry Lee Lucas.Whom i just found out he was born on August 23,my birthday!dun dun dun. well i assure you i'm not a serial killer. Although i have to mention there were a few other choices i would've chosen, like the acid bath murderer,dr.death,the vampire of sacramento,or the green river killer.
Oh & you might not find this amusing as i did,cause my friend & i seriously laughed for like 5 minutes. So in anatomy we had to fill in this chart about how carbon travels throughout the body & out.For some odd reason instead of reading "Carbon Dioxide goes into the capillaries of alveoli" i said "capillaries of ovaries" then my friend & i started laughing together & then she said "that's what's called a queef!" LOL.
Well i'm off to do homework so i can be done before America's best dance crew starts.
btw,for the ones who watch it, who's your favorite dance crew?
p.s. I bought lemonade mix,and i've discovered that lemonade is especially delicious with honey.


Where would you go with a lasso?

So unfortunately,i haven't been able to update because our computer wasn't working due to a virus,but it's working again (obviously,heh.)
Anyway,lets see...random updates, learned to skateboard,I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D (i loved it & wanna see it again) i bought Phoenix's recent album,studying for SAT's,trying to get my hair to grow longer,got to sleep for about 45 minutes in psychology today with my Beatles blanket & zebra pillow :) (we're studying altered states of consciousness,sleeping is one,btw.) i have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow morning,i think I've become addicted to nestea ice tea,craving lemonade,bought the April issue of Seventeen & Glamour (with Amanda Seyfried,oh & it's amusing to pronounce it "say-fried") Also waiting on the official decision to where & when we'll be moving.

^i think my hair looks like i've colored it,but honestly,i've never dyed my hair!