Hello new year

heyy followers, happy new year!
i hope all of you had a good holiday break, and received lots of presents.
i got $70,beatles rock band & lady gaga's the fame monster cd.
oh & btw,i barely went out during winter break,i had too much fun playing beatles rockband & sleeping in...so i had no outfits to post--- but now i can since school started again!
oh & it's finally COLD :D
although it's not below zero like in other nothern states,it's been in the low 50s most of the week & i'm satisfied. i'm glad nature finally realized that it needed to compensate for the lack of "fall/winter weather" during october, november & december. OH & even more exciting the weather lady said that "snow flurries" might fall from the sky tomorrow morning. think i'll have to wake up around 6...but it will definitely be worth it. if i don't see anything fall from the sky, i just might have to find that weather lady & throw a bucket of ice at her...jk?!
anyway, i also thought i'd mention that i really want to see Youth in Revolt tonight but since it's Rated R & i'm under-aged i can't...*sighh* well if anyone that actually reads this & will or has seen that movie, let me know what you thought of it. k beans, thanks. another update:
i got a haircut, having short hair is a refreshing change, although i still miss my long hair.

here are a few photos i took once the clock turned 12 & it was finally January 1 2010.

pictures taken yesterday:


  1. Oh God, you LIKE the cold? I don't. :P

  2. i love the cooooooooooold <3
    and i love the color of your nails ***


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