The Legend of Billie Jean

so last weekend i was quite bored and searching the tv for something good to watch and ended up watching an 80's movie called "The Legend of Billie Jean" At first, i thought this movie would correlate to Michael Jackson's song but instead it was basically about a group of kids on the run from the cops. Thought it was cool how the main character Billie Jean went from being the good girl with pretty long hair to rebel & cutting off all her hair. I also really liked that these kids got away with so many things, in this generation they definitely wouldn't get away with what they did ha. Oh & i forgot to mention some characters have country accents, it was kinda hard to tolerate it at first but i got used to it. :P ^i created a new set on polyvore because i was inspired by one of her outfits (picture below)
so simple, yet so chic! t'righhht?yeh i like to add the letter t to random words. oh & the pictures below are shitty quality because i used my cell phone since the batteries for my camera died.

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