Happiness is nothing but everyday living seen through a veil.

So i can't believe that i have less than a month of school left...as a junior! Which means after May-give or take a few days-i'll have another month left 'til we're on a plane to Cali. There was also a change in plans, next week i'm not going to Cali for the entire week with my mom to search for a house; instead she'll be going alone while the rest of us stay here. -_-
Oh and starting monday and the following 2 weeks, i'll be smelling like dead cats.Wait, that probably sounds totally horrid!
Don't worry, i'm not going on a cat killing spree so it's not neccessary to put your cat on lockdown. It's because for my anatomy & physiology class, we're starting on our cat dissections. On friday, we got into groups and met our cats, we have a(nameless) female feline. Although i've dissected a cow eyeball and a sheep brain (our class even watched an autopsy) idk if i'm ready to actually dissect a cat.There's something that gnaws at my spine everytime i think about touching it & opening it up. Blehhh.
Anyway, this afternoon i rode my bike around my neighborhood for about 30 mins and once i got home, i noticed a dark tan line where my shorts were.ughh! i don't like getting tan and the fact i tan easily. Other than my silly rant, i enjoyed my bike ride, i actually noticed the distinct pleasant smell of the various flowers, thanks to the breeze that brought it to my attention. The soft breeze cooled me down and i felt so relaxed as i listened to music. lately, i've been feeling content and i feel the sense of excitement wanting to burst out of my soul.

this outfit was what i wore monday which i should've posted that day but didn't because i took a nap instead :P

^ Becca took a picture of my lips through my kaleidoscope.

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