save me from misery.

i took these pictures before i left for school, my braid isn't very noticeable (basically shitty & pathetic,ha) i fixed it at school though & i was planning on re-taking a picture of my hair but once i got home i went straight to my room & took a nap, then when i woke up...my hair was a mess! and obviously i was to lazy to redo it again...so sorry. hahh
+ i am wearing (white) shorts, not just the shirt and sandals :P
oh & those shoes were a gift from one of my aunties in hawaii,we received her random package yesterday. i don't mind her presents (it feels like christmas every month now) yet when she's constantly sending us things we don't ask for, it gets to the point where i feel bad since she's buying us so many things! before you think i'm spoiled by my relatives, my auntie does buy the rest of my family members things too. well besides the sandals, my auntie also sent me a pair of cute keroppi pajamas. i did realize that the sandals is a weird shade of gold though, so my mom & i are gonna return it to the macy's over here and buy a pair of shoes i'll truly love.
hope everyone had a great week and has a great weekend!
hopefully my weekend will consist of: shopping,movies, and the fair with megan.

p.s. i can't wait 'till next week,especially 4/20 since i'll be going to school baked.
:] tehehee.

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