trynna find a hand to hold.

(isn't that thee cutest ring ever?! sorry it's sorta blurry though)

& in case you were wondering...
that is an authentic louis vuitton handbag, mhmm!!
well my parent's can't afford this, but i haven't mentioned that my relatives in california & hawaii are pretty wealthy...so they randomly send me things and old clothes that don't fit their kids anymore since they're mostly in their 20's now.
yay for rich relatives!

:D <3

so basically i'm wearing hand-me-downs in this whole post...
except the ring, i "borrowed" it from my little sister.

oh & doesn't it suck when you like a guy or think he's cute & then you find out something that just breaks your heart or just completely turns you off?


  1. cuuute outfit! :) i always borrow things from my sister too lol it's awesome having a sister who is the same size as me hah double the clothes :)

  2. Yes, it does (about the guy). But sometimes you can learn to accept them anyway. SOMETIMES :)

  3. Loving this outfit. It's so summery. And i love the contrast between the body-con dress and the loose shirt.
    The pic of the ring is really blurry, but it still looks super cute!

  4. Oh I'm so jealous I love the bag! The ring is really cute =)


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