all good things come to an end.

sorry for the lack of updating! i still feel like i should be on spring break and i've been feeling lazy lately. i've also gone into an "i dont care" mood & i'm not motivated to do anything...and the reason is because i found out my mom has decided that i'm not going to texas this summer to see my bestfriend (whom i haven't seen in a year & 4 months)


i will find a way to have a great summer with my bestie, i deserve it, and no one will stop me...

well anyway here's a few pictures from the rest of my spring break. oh & we ended up going to epcot and magic kingdom. + we also went to Andretti's & the beach on saturday. after playing laser tag (which i'm a BEAST at lol) and go-karting, we spent the rest of the day at the beach and had an egg scavenger hunt and an egg relay race.
(btw,the pictures aren't in order & click any picture to enlarge)

(cathleen & i)

(my sisters & i)

(michael & i)

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