Hawaii 09

here are pictures from my 2 month stay on the island of oahu. this isn't all of them though, i have almost 300+ pictures which i didn't want to post all on here. if you're actually interested at looking at all the pictures from my trip, you can add me on myspace. basically, while i was there i mostly spent time catching up with old friends,making new friends, and spending time with my cousins.
btw, pictures aren't in order..

^Pictures of the beach were taken at Ko Olina Beach.

^my cousin elizabeth,we call her isa though, this was taken at her 6th grade graduation.

^my friend josh, i met him 3 years ago in germany & bumped into him at ala moana (huge mall)

^my cousins marielle & marvie.
my cousins (from left to right)

karen,isa,me,& marvie.

^my cousin marvie & i,we've been close since we were literally in diapers ;P

^my old elementary school, kaleiopuu elementary school.

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