tangible memories

what is your immediate thought when you look through pictures of your past?I start to recall the events that led up to that exact moment when that picture was taken,and sometimes If I really want to remember a certain memory in elaborate detail, all I have to do is close my eyes. as the scene plays through my head, I especially love it when I can almost tangibly feel,hear & smell everything around me. for me, it's like looking into a crystal ball, i can see everything clearly & i feel so close to re-living that moment-yet the only thing stopping me is the clear glass sphere. in reality though, it's time, because time will always move on no matter how much you want to stay in one place, we all know that...but that's what helped me realize that memories are something that should always be cherished, not obsessed about. I realized mentally staying in the past won't change the fact I'm in the future. my fondest memories is what gives me the strength to live my life, through the hardest times; especially whenever I start to miss my closest relatives and friends since they're in different states and countries...It's comforting to know I still have a part of them with me,all though not physically,but in my tangible memories.

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