behind enemy lines

^isn't that blazer adorable?to bad it was made for a 2 year old D: ha i found it in the childrens section at goodwill and i was surprised i could (barely) fit in it. the only thing i bought from goodwill was a pin of an elephant balancing on a ball; i'm turning it into a necklace...so look out for that in a future post if you're interested.

hope everyone has been having a good weekend!
p.s. read about the Oneness Day Petition, and decide if you want to sign it or not, to learn more about the Oneness Day Petition, go to: http://imaginepeace.com/news/archives/7501
i'm the 15,594 person who signed the Oneness Day Petition, help the Humanity's Team reach 50,000!
(i have also mentioned this awhile back in one of my posts)


  1. woooooooooooooooooow I want to see this pin! :D
    hope you had fun during your weekend :D

  2. I LOVE that blazer. it's soooo cute (:

  3. I love your blazer! awesome.


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