I want your love and i want your revenge.

Outfit 1:brown blazer,floral blue dress,sheer black tights & black heels.

Outfit 2:
black blazer,floral blue dress,sheer black tights & gray boots.

^i was jumping in this picture

better attempt(s) at a "jumping picture":

My weekend was good. Friday i caught up with my MB ;) a nickname for my friend in germany. Saturday afternoon my family & i watched New Moon and just to let you know...i cried at the scene when Edward dumped her & also the scene before the werewolves saved Bella from the vampire with the dreads.
i'm such a cry baby! haha D:
Also, to be honest, i would've chose Jacob, but apparently Bella & Edward are in lurveeeee so i respect her decision. By the way,I haven't read any of the twilight books so idk how the story ends, but i hope Jacob gets a girl. :)
I guess i'll have to say i'm on Team Jacob because he was left with a broken heart, can't believe i feel sympathy for a werewolf.
geez i sound like a NERD. hehe.
Anyway after the movies, my family & i went shopping & then i hung out with Jacob for most of the night then Kayla & Thomas joined us. Now today isn't exciting; a typical sunday=time to finish homework. *sighh*

Well hope everyone had a great weekend!

Oh & my current favorite song is:


  1. Geez, that dress is so wonderful/amazing/pretty. My face is green right now I'm so jealous.
    I also really like the way you put your pictures together too. =D

  2. Great pictures.




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