I had to get a cavity filled today and i usually have appointments in the morning but i missed my original appointment at 10:50 so i had to go at 2 in the afternoon...so instead of having the usual people working on my teeth; there were new ones and they were obnoxious.
The guy who was filling my cavity kept telling Helen Keller jokes. I know who she is but while he was working on my teeth, he asked me if i knew what Helen Keller looked like and i simply said "no" and he said "it's okay, she doesn't either"
HA-HA. (sarcasm) sure it's kinda funny...but i was concerned as to why they were busy laughing, not focusing on their job.
by the way, what is it with dentists trying to have a conversation with me when i clearly can't talk back due to having (potential) dangerous machinery in my mouth?


  1. i like that skirt
    and i totally know waht you mean about the dentists talking while working in your mouth... it's not like you can actually talk back hahaa

  2. I really like that outfit, the sweater really ties it together. =)
    About the dentists, they always seem to know what I'msaying even when all I manage to get out is "umpshuf", it's really surprising.


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