Where would you go with a lasso?

So unfortunately,i haven't been able to update because our computer wasn't working due to a virus,but it's working again (obviously,heh.)
Anyway,lets see...random updates, learned to skateboard,I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D (i loved it & wanna see it again) i bought Phoenix's recent album,studying for SAT's,trying to get my hair to grow longer,got to sleep for about 45 minutes in psychology today with my Beatles blanket & zebra pillow :) (we're studying altered states of consciousness,sleeping is one,btw.) i have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow morning,i think I've become addicted to nestea ice tea,craving lemonade,bought the April issue of Seventeen & Glamour (with Amanda Seyfried,oh & it's amusing to pronounce it "say-fried") Also waiting on the official decision to where & when we'll be moving.

^i think my hair looks like i've colored it,but honestly,i've never dyed my hair!

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