Creepy coincidence.

So our new topic in psychology is forensic psychology and currently on the subject of serial killers.We have to do a research project on one serial killer from my teacher's specific list &
I randomly picked-Henry Lee Lucas.Whom i just found out he was born on August 23,my birthday!dun dun dun. well i assure you i'm not a serial killer. Although i have to mention there were a few other choices i would've chosen, like the acid bath murderer,dr.death,the vampire of sacramento,or the green river killer.
Oh & you might not find this amusing as i did,cause my friend & i seriously laughed for like 5 minutes. So in anatomy we had to fill in this chart about how carbon travels throughout the body & out.For some odd reason instead of reading "Carbon Dioxide goes into the capillaries of alveoli" i said "capillaries of ovaries" then my friend & i started laughing together & then she said "that's what's called a queef!" LOL.
Well i'm off to do homework so i can be done before America's best dance crew starts.
btw,for the ones who watch it, who's your favorite dance crew?
p.s. I bought lemonade mix,and i've discovered that lemonade is especially delicious with honey.

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