bittersweet reality.

I just watched the notebook, and that movie always bring me to tears. it was such a touching love story, but it's sad to know that there's millions of people in the world that have alzheimers disease. my biggest fear is in fact, the dreadful possibility of having alzheimers disease. I would never ever want to forget all my favorites memories spent with my loved ones; it's truly devastating to even ponder about. i can't imagine how heartbreaking it is for someone who personally knows someone that has alzheimers. while writing this, I realized that including myself and others who don't have disablities,were the lucky ones. I'm grateful that i can still function & think properly. it's one of my many reasons to live my life to the fullest.

p.s. may god bless the people with alzheimers disease, also the family and friends effected by it. x


  1. :( its very sad, my friends dad has it.

  2. i was just thinking that a few moments ago, when i was walking (for some reason)

    i was just thinking how lucky i am to not have a disability, to be blessed with the ability to hear, touch, smell, see and the other one i can't remember, oh yeah taste.

    and to be able to walk.

    it made me realise how quick someone's life can be turned around without one of these things we often take for granted.

    it made me realise how blessed i really was. =)


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