your eyes are the size of the moon.

i dont have anything really exciting or entertaining to write about since this week i've just been studying late at night for midterm exams. i have a few more exams to take tomorrow and friday, and then it's winter break.
it's weird to think that i won't be seeing some friends until, next year.
at least my days seem shorter and everything is going by real fast. it's good though, cause i can't wait to get outta here.

oh, and it's really annoying when someone constantly asks the same question after i've already answered.
for example:
annoying person: "are you okay?"
me: "yep."
annoying person: "no seriously, are you okay?"
me: "yeaaaaah."
annoying person: "are you sure you're okay...you look sad."
me:" no,i'm fine,thanks."

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