odd christmas,

I've realized when it's the holidays everyone becomes so nice & a lot happier. it's probably because of the christmas songs, I bet they secretly hypnotize their listeners to become all jolly & giving,ha.
I have many favorite holiday memories but I have one I particularly disliked. if you guys would like to know & have the time to read my story...then keep reading :]
so this happened a few years ago when I lived in california, I was probably 10 or 11. every year for christmas my family and I always went to our relatives house. ofcourse it was like a big re-union, basically a typical filipino gathering. all the older relatives who drank or smoked were always outside in the backyard. inside the house, the aunties would be gossiping and the other children (including myself) would try finding something fun to do. the older cousins would be upstairs in one of the rooms, they were usually chatting or on the computer. usually, whenever I'm at a family party, I would always meet a random relative that I don't ever recall meeting. they would hug me until it was awkward & they would ramble about how much I've grown. at one point, I got really bored because half of the guests left. at first, I didn't know what to do so I ate a plate of spaghetti. when I finished eating, I decided to go outside to talk to my grandpa. my grandpa was drinking a beer and playing a type of card game with the other relatives. I remember I asked him what beer tasted like & he let me try it, but when I took a sip, I almost gagged and spit it out. my grandpa and my uncles laughed at me -_- anyway, after awhile, I got bored again so I walked back into the house. as I walked into the living room,I was immediately captivated by a filipino movie playing on the tv screen. (and yes, I understand the language) I asked my mom what they were watching and she replied "it's bad for you, don't watch this movie". I stayed, even though I was repeatedly told not to watch it. basically the plot of the movie was that this women had been getting raped for 3 years by 3 different guys. once her husband found out, he killed the 3 guys and became possessed by their "evil spirit". one of the scenes that freaked me out was when the local priest tried to do some sort of exorcist on the guy, but failed. before the priest left, he told the wife to leave because he could potentially hurt her, or kill her. so during one night when her husband was sleeping, she decided to try and escape. as she was opening the car door...a hand suddenly appeared from under the car and grabbed her ankle. she started to scream and kick the hand and once she got out of it's grasp,she got in the car and frantically locked the car doors. as she's trying to start the car...she looks up at the windshield and her possessed physco husband is staring at her. i left after that scene though because it scared the shit out of me. then I decided to go upstairs to see what the older cousins were doing and as I was entering the room, the teenagers were watching a movie,they told me it was a horror movie called the grudge.I decided to stay just to see how "scary" it was. I wasn't there for long though because the only scene I saw was when someone was walking up the stairs and there was a pale girl standing outside the window...then when I saw that lil' boy, I ran out of the room and went back downstairs. then I found my younger cousins in another room playing a video game in the dark, they were playing a japanese game about ghosts!in this video game you would just pointlessly walk into "abandoned" houses and ghosts would unexpectedly pop up on the screen telling you a tragic/weird story. I was like wtf,is this the day to "lets scare the crap out of nicole day" well even though that video game doesn't seem completely horrifying...I had enough of dealing with creepy things that happened that night.

wasn't that a great story?lol.

If you want to tell me a memory you liked or disliked during the holidays, please leave it in a comment or send it to my email: nguzman2@tmail.com

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