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nothing exciting happened today, except in 6th period, it's always fun in that class, but other than that, today was boring, a typical monday. this might seem irrelevant, but 2 months ago, it was my mom's birthday, and her favorite sanrio character is keroppi, so i decided to make her a keroppi in ceramics. it took 2 months for my teacher to finally fire it in the kiln, honestly, idk why it took so long -_- anyway, before thanksgiving break, i found my keroppi on the table of fired projects and when i saw my keroppi, it didn't turn out as i wanted it to... (picture below)

AND obviously it's missing an eye, now i have to wait for my teacher to find the eye, which isn't likely, but i'm really tired of waiting, and idk when i'll finish this.
oh & i realized it's arms are huge,compared to it's tiny body :P tehehe.


  1. The ceramic keroppi is so cute! I wish my school had classes like those.
    I like that cardigan.. I really need some brighter colors because all I've been wearing is black and gray. haha

  2. blue cardi!!!!



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