you give me a warm sensation.

I just got home from christmas shopping with my family and I'm exhausted. my parents got me guitar hero,they tried hiding it from me,but it's not so easy hiding such a big box. I did give them a few cool points for trying,hahh. oh & my mom finally ordered my paramore t-shirt,it took more than a year of convincing, but all the nagging paid off >:D todays weather was cold & verrry windy,with lots of sunshine though. when it's ferociously windy I feel anxious because I'm so tiny, a strong gust of wind could make me fly all the way to china. I swear, the wind is always teasing me, messing up my hurrr & pushing me around. one day during pe class, I seriously thought I was going to fly across the football field,lol. (that would make a great youtube video)
anyway, it's pleasant having a reason to get cozy in my bed and wrap myself in 2 blankets & a comforter. ha,I know using 2 blankets and a comforter doesn't sound necessary for 60 degree weather because I should be used to cold weather since I've experienced 20-30 degree weather...but the feeling of warmth is comforting when your toes are as cold as ice cubes :P

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