mind over matter

^as i was moving around,i wasn't aware that i had taken this, and i didn't edit it. doesn't it look trippy?

Song for today: Misguided Ghosts by Paramore

Btw, my mom was going to buy me tickets to see Paramore since they're performing at the House of Blues in Orlando on October 26. The shitty part is that i found out in August and soon after i got grounded and by the time my mom & i were back on good terms, it was too late to buy any tickets since it was sold out. ughh, hate those 2 words, SOLD OUT.
i hope i'll get the chance to see Paramore live one sweet day.
sirrrr-y (my fun way to say sorry,hahh) i don't have anything intriguing to blog about...

but i will leave you with-what i think is a hilarious video.

I'll also leave you with this thought:
"Girls are superheroes. Who else could bleed for weeks and not die?

Oh & p.s. started following blogs on tumblr, anyone know any blogspot accounts that are similar to these?
these blogs are a great way to pass time
:) ha

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