hello 2009.

my new years eve was pretty chill,I hung out with my friend megan. around lunch time,we went to starbucks and i bought a light mocha frappuccino. then we went to a park/beach/dock to take pictures and smoke cigarettes. I took a nap once I got home and when I woke up it was already 10:30. so I put my polka dotted dress on and I filled my purse with change. oh by the way,it's a filipino tradition to wear polka dots,have loose change on you, and jump up & down once it's the new year. by doing this,supposedly it brings you good luck and more money.
oh & my parents bought "fireworks" so we went out around 11:30 to light them up. our fireworks weren't intriguing and didn't light up the sky.

so after lighting up the fireworks,we went back inside and watched new
years rockin' eve with ryan seacrest. when I saw the people in new york dressed in coats,hats,gloves,and other necessities for cold weather, I felt slightly jealous because cold weather reminds me of germany,and I miss living in germany...but i was satisfied with the weather in our area because it was actually chilly. oh & after the ball dropped, the cameras were suddenly focused on strangers making out, which made me feel a wee bit uncomfortable. seriously though,they showed couple after couple for at least 5 minutes,ha. anyway, once I got tired,I changed into my pj's and wore the scarf my auntie sent me for christmas.(it's really soft!)
p.s. to the people reading this,happy new year! x


  1. your blog is super cute!

    and your sense of fashion is super chic!

    thanks for taking the time to read mine :))

  2. Nice scarf.
    Happy 2009!!!


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