i'm walking into your spiderwebs.

so the other day,i was cleaning my room and i found ripped out pages from past magazines. they're a group of my favorite looks/outfit.
hope you enjoy :]
oh & sorry for the bad quality my camera isn't functioning properly and the pages are crumpled and creased.

^that dress is amazing,if i wore something like that it would engulf my shortness.

^ this picture is blurry,so just in case you were wondering,that's michelle williams.

^i saw this actual fringe dress at Armani Exchange a few months ago and i fell in LOVE with it,sadly it broke my heart because it was $120 :(

^in the last two pictures,does anyone know who that is? I checked out their website but there’s no information about their models.

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  1. I used to be so addicted in collecting magazines! That first dress seems perfect for the beach!


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