my aim is to succeed.

so I just realized january is going to be a very hectic month. i have a lot to do for the asian club,especially since international night is near. this saturday, i have to learn and practice the dance with my group. i barely know them and since their seniors, it intimidating. i'll probably be fine though,they seem nice. plus, their filipino...so i think we'll get along. oh & currently, school is my #1 priority; hence the lack of updates. hope you didn't miss me too much,ha. well my day was okay, 6th period was amazing (as usual) we were watching freedom writers and Mr.B cooked popcorn,mmm. oh & if you read my first blog post, I was pretty depressed & miserable. now,I'm actually satisfied & content with how things are going. maybe I'm just being incredibly optimistic, but there's a possibility I might start to like it here :O woahh!I never thought that could happen,heh. well, it's probably because I'm starting to accept (again) that everything happens for a reason,and also that good things come to those who wait.

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p.s. shout out to my girls,maya & becca ;D

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