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so this afternoon i practiced the dance with my group and it was really fun & it wasn't bad as i thought it would be. *pheww
i was surprised i had rhythm and i was in sync with my group,hah. oh & if you were wondering,were doing a traditional filipino dance. it's a really graceful dance and you have to have good balancing skills. basically,we have a candle in each hand and we do these complicated hand moves & at one point you have to balance a candle on top of your head. the other clubs like the french and spanish club are also participating. the french,spanish,and asian club have to perform something related from a country. as I mentioned before,it's a traditional filipino dance which would obviously originate from the philipines. were also doing a second dance,I don't know what it is yet,but I'll find out on tuesday since were practicing again. hopefully I'll memorize the dances by january 30. (day we actually perform)
then after practice, my fam & i went to the bowling alley,it was really boring though.

^i thought the pattern on the table was cool,heh.

then once we were done bowling,my parents decided we should stop by the beach,which was less than 5 minutes away. I wish we could've stayed longer, but it was windy and my mom didn't want my baby sister to get sick.

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