thanksgiving weekend.

(adrianne & i)

hey bloggers, the few pictures above are from thursday & friday, there's alot more pictures, but i posted most of them on my myspace. thanksgiving was better than i expected, my family and i went to orlando to spend thanksgiving with my dad's coworker's family and ofcourse there was food. there was filipino food, like pancit (noodles) & cassava cake (filipino desert). there was also mash potatoes,bread rolls, ham, and bbq ribs. adrianne and i took pictures at the park and we walked around her neighborhood. once we got back, we decided to watch HappySlip and ndtitanlady on youtube, and we also watched the Madtv video about the black guy asking a girl for her number. i've watched that video over 10 times, and it never gets old. the title is: can i have your number? or something like that :P (check them out, if you want a good laugh)
anyway, on "black friday" we visited 2 malls, and an outlet. i got a beatles tee from delias, and eyeliner from M.A.C. my family and i also ate at the cheesecake factory,mmmm. oh and i saw a handbag at juicy couture that i wanted to get (picture below) there was also other things i wish i could've got, but obviously i didn't. when i get a job,i'm definitely going to splurge on these types of things,ha.

p.s. i love juicy's ads.

hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. x

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  1. youtube lol! i only recently discovered kevjumba, he's addictive. i wouldn' say "comedy"... as i don't laugh when i watch his videos, but the videos themselves are so interesting!!

    *hides in shame*


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