(i wear this skirt too much :P)

hmmm,so i realized i haven't read a good book in awhile. it's actually a bit depressing though since it seems it's impossible to find an intriguing book. I used to read so much that i wouldn't get any sleep because i would stay up late to finish a book,especially if it's really good. if anyone would like to suggest a book, i'd greatly appreciate it. please & thanks! ♥
you can also send me a book suggestion via email: nguzman2@tmail.com

again,thanks in advance & if you go to my profile, there's a list of my favorite books; just in case you needed an idea of what i like to read.

p.s. just not the twilight series.
so sorry twilight fans,i honestly don't have anything against it, i just don't want to read it.


  1. hey =)
    thanks for your comment on my blog ((london--rose.blogspot.com))
    i love all ur outfits too!
    great blog, keep up the good work lol ♥

  2. thank you,hopefully you keep in touch!

  3. hiya, thanks for your comment on my blog on effy :)
    your skirt's beautiful!


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