shveeet treats.

so for ceramics, were currently making a clay mask and I wanted to cooperate some characteristics of fafi's characters'.
oh by the way, i finally finished painting my keroppi :P i'll post a picture soon.
(correlates to my previous post)
were also painting our (mosaic) tiles and i got really bored so i put various colors of paint on my fingers and i used my friend's hand as a canvas:
overall,today was pretty chill,I got bags of candy from my friends and even my history teacher. i've been on a sugar high since 11am,which caused me to be less bitchy (time of the month) because whenever I have chocolate,I'm always happy!hahh. & this might be irrelevant...but i convinced my mom to let me study for my permit!

oh & here's some outfits for your viewing pleasure:

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