(my bangs aren't actually like this,but i did have this similar haircut 2 years ago)

3 facts about yourself:
1) I haven't dyed my hair, it's all natural.
2) My mom named me after her favorite model, Niki Taylor
3) I've moved 4 times
(hawaii to california back to hawaii then to germany & to florida)

2 favorite female celebrities:
1) Kiera Knightly
2) Catherine Zeta Jones

Favorite male celebrity:
Johnny Depp

2 favorite male artists:
John Lennon
Bob Marley

2 favorite female artists:
1)Hayley; lead singer of Paramore
2)Katy Perry

Favorite quote(s):
"I think, therefore I am."
and most quotes from the book: Tao Te Ching

What do you think of writing?
Writing allows you to say anything about everything.

Favorite brand(s) you can't afford:
Juicy Couture & Chanel :(
my goal is to buy at least 1 thing from Juicy & Chanel once I have a job,ha.

Most addictive websites:
myspace, blogger, and polyvore.

Current favorite song(s):
I hate this part-Pussycat Dolls
Blame it-Jamie Foxx (feat.T-pain)
Pop champagne- Ron Browz
Eleanor Rigby Beatles cover- The Fray

What's your nationality?
Full Pinay

What kind of phone do you have?
T-mobile Sidekick Slide

What's the last thing you ate?
an orange

Favorite language?

Most favorite tv show?
Skins! <3

How long does it take you to get ready?
Around an hour or so

5 places you want to visit:

Favorite magazine(s):
Teenvogue & Cosmogirl

p.s. no one has left a book suggestion on my previous post titled "t'whaaat?!"...if you know any good books that's worthy to read, please comment or send it to my email: nguzman2@tmail.com
please & thanks! x

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