just dance!

so yesterday my fam & i went to orlando,
and if you've read my previous post from my thanksgiving weekend; you'd probably know who adrianne is. well, it was her sister's 18th birthday party and they were having a small party at their house. it was supahhh fun, we danced alot and ate lots of strawberry cheescake,mmm. oh & while we were getting jiggy, they had a yoga ball and i tried sitting on it and i fell off of it and hit my back against adrianne's bed...

& yes,they caught it on video!lol so i'll probably post it on here for your entertainment


(hehe,me & my ginger ale :P)

( i look like a bitch,but i was looking at something and i didn't know my sister was taking a pic,hahh)

(adrianne & i)

(the birthday girl,& she was falling off the ball :P)

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