what you've been missing,


(Teen Vogue March 2009)

my grandparents are finally here, they arrived on thursday and they'll be living with us from now on. i'm so happy they're here, i've missed them so much. also, i have my guitar again and i'll be learning how to play it soon,since i forgot everything i learned,which was a few years ago.
(by the way,i'm left handed hence the guitar is backward)

oh & just to warn you, the following are (many) pictures of my outfits from this week.
enjoy :]


  1. awwh thanks,it's actually a bow that clips on to any type of shoe, but mostly looks best with ballet flats. i decided to find an extra chain from a necklace that i dont use (because i'm so clumsy i always break my necklaces, they never last very long :/ they'd be lucky to last a year HA) anyway i got the idea from an Aldo Ad i saw in teen vogue (their march issue)
    i also have the same bow, but in red.


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