fall weather, where did you go?

last week at school, although the sun was shining as bright as usual, it wasn't ridiculously hot at 8 am. Thats when i knew it's finally fall! but this week the chilly weather has disappeared & it's reaching the 90's again -_- i hope it starts to get cold soon, especially during winter, maybe it'll get cold enough for it to snow? i've been hoping for snow since i moved here, but out of all of my wishes i thought i'd share with you guys that at least one of my many wishes is coming true. Which is...
H&M my favorite store ever is opening at the Florida Mall in Orlando (circa an hour way) It's opening next week on the 15th (thursday) i think i'll be going that saturday or either sunday.
Geez, i really can't wait till it's cold, i love dressing in layers, and i think my outfits reach it's maximum potential of chicness. I think more creatively when i turn the clothes i wore in summer into outfits for cooler weather; isn't it great how versatile clothes can be?! I think thats why i dress my best during fall/winter. I don't know why, but it's true. Anyway, i promise you'll be seeing a lot more posts from me and i'm excited to share more things with you, mostly directed to my followers.
Oh & i'll definitely be sharing with you guys of what i bought at H&M. Eeee! (excited squeal)

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