i just wanna be successful.

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somehow a flower got stuck in the screen ^ thought i'd take a picture of it, ha.

just to let you guys know, i didn't buy these jeans like this.
the story:
last night i was doing laundry & as i was pulling my jeans out of the washer, i spotted holes, 1 on each leg above the knee. at first, i was pretty upset because they're my favorite jeans. now that i think about it though, it was sort of a blessing in disguise! so instead of my favorite jeans being R.I.P. (resting in peace) in the back of my closet...
i decided to tear it up (obviously) although before this incident, ripped jeans didn't appeal to me & i couldn't understand how holes in jeans were stylish; but to save me the trouble of researching the actual reason, i'm just glad they are :P i think it actually turned out decent. what do you think?

Jeans: H&M


Long gray tee: Target

Black cardigan: Charlotte Russe

Purple bandeau- American Eagle

Necklace- i created it, bought supplies (including the owl) at Michael's. you should definitely check out your local craft store; by using your own creativity, you can create personalized unique jewelry :)

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