take a little trip with me

my outfit was inspired from:

my weekend consists of:
Thursday/Friday (3 day weekend) - tomorrow after school, going to the Spirit store (which opens every halloween) my friends & i are going to look at costumes & after that we'll probably end up driving around finding something to do till midnight because at midnight, my friends & i are going to watch the movie Where The Wild Things Are. Then maybe later in the day, i'll be chillin with my friends again.
Saturday-H&M!!!!! (3 more days)


Song of the day: She's A Genius by Jet

Suede boots: Target ( you'll be seeing a lot more of these boots & they're also my 1st pair of boots)

Socks: I'm borrowing it from my mom ( most likely keeping,ha)

Oversized Shirt-Target



*my inspired look is featured in this month's issue of Seventeen.

^oh & isn't this pretty? i took this around 5:50. it's my backyard, & also a part of my neighbor's (where the fence is)

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