tell me what you know bout dreamin', tell me what you know bout dreams.

^recently, all my programs,files, and pictures were deleted in my parent's computer because of a computer virus so the program i used to edit my pictures is also gone & this picture above was originally really dark & i tried making it brighter on myspace's customize program but i think it came out weird..

I've been having weird dreams again, I usually have weird dreams though but most of the time I just can't remember them. there's one dream in particular that's been occuring since saturday though.these dreams seem to correlate with the fact I'm ridiculously excited for the opening of H&M (if you read my post titled, "fall weather, where did you go?) which is in 2 days, but I won't be going for 4 days -_-

anyway, this dream starts as I'm entering the Florida Mall, 2 days after H&M opened and I'm walking towards the captivating vibrant red letters. I'm completely ecstatic, but as I enter the store it's completely empty, even the walls are bare! I'm devestated but then I spot a plain tank top on a rack but as I go to check it out, ofcourse, it's not even my size. the next night (sunday) my dream starts off on the actual opening of H&M and I arrive at the Florida Mall. As I'm walking towards the store, i find out it's still closed and there's a sign that says it won't open until next week.then last night,I dreamt i was in H&M, it was crowded, & everytime I tried to pick out something someone would take it before I could, and at one point I saw a pair of oxfords in a box labeled size 6 in big bold black letters but as I reached for it...my alarm woke me up.

isn't that sad?! hahh geez I feel so pathetic for being this excited :P
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: Lacoste (from germany)
Flats: ?
Bracelets: some are from hawaii,3 were made for me by my friend becca, and the last bracelet was from universal studios.

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  1. lol ive had dreams like those where something isnt in my size..
    it is sad ;)


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