love is real.

thursday's outfit:

at claires:

at the spirit halloween store w/becca,morgan & jacob cutest bib necklace at Belks:
Saturday's outfit:

becca & i went into a gallery of paintings that included disney characters,
but this picture is of the magic kingdom, duh.

^ this shirt was $35 & i couldn't buy it cause i didn't have enough money D:

^ listening to michael jackson at hot topic

Becca & i decided to go to my park because the chilly weather felt amazing


What i bought on saturday:

from forever 21! ^

^from payless

^ skirt from forever 21

^ from H&M

I've had amazing weekend.
i hope all of you have too!
i went out on friday but was to busy having fun to take the time to stop and take pictures.
Oh & i couldn't watch Where the Wild Things Are at midnight but Becca,Jacob,& i watched it in the afternoon instead. Max is adorable, and i'm not ashamed to say that i did cry in the movie.
I just can't help but be emotional when goodbyes are being said, so i'll just leave it at that.
Well wish i could be more elaborate about my entire weekend, but my sister is currently nagging me to get off the computer -_-
I have to stop procrastinating & start on homework anyway hahh.

song of the weekend: I'm not your boyfriend baby by 30H!3


  1. im not your boyfriend baby, i'm not your cute little sex toy. I'm not your lion or your tiger (wha? wha>) I'll be your nasty little boy... ahaha i saw them in concert. they were BOMB
    ha and the guy is ash stymest. he's a male model. thanks for all the comments :D

  2. It's ok, I'm obsessed with Skins aswell.
    I really want to see Where the Wild Things Are.
    Love your mask at Claires (:


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