never satisfied.

well the pictures below are from last weekend, lately i've been having so much fun & also being busy with schoolwork keeps me from having free time to update...but since i have no plans this weekend, i decided i should post and not neglect this blog,ha. anyway today in english we learned about oxymorons which i thought was intriguing + they're fun to create :P geez i'm sucha nerd,tehehe. oh & then after we were done discussing about oxymorons,i presented my biography project on John Lennon, i don't even know what grade i got...but i think i did pretty good, so hopefully i got an A. i also found out that during science as we were working on pedigree charts and analyzing all of our features, most of the class had hitchhiker's thumb and mine looked so akward cause mine sticks straight up,and i literally stuck out like a sore thumb hahh. then i felt more uncomfortable when my teacher started talking about almond eyes and she mentioned that mostly asians have them and the whole class shifted their focus on me, at that moment i JUST realized i'm the only asian in that class, and the school year is already almost done in a few months. i think it's quite obvious i'm oblivious :P

^ doesn't my friend somewhat resemble Jason Mraz?!

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