you're too good at pretending you don't care.

oversized shirt: target
shorts (originally capris) : Navy Exchange in hawaii (military store)
leggings: walmart
keds: BX (military store)

i had a lot of fun yesterday,to summarize it, it consisted of: the beach,driving around,random parks,sunshine,laughter,picture taking,smokin', manowar jellyfishes' and food. i would honestly love to elaborate on yesterday's events (in chronological order of course)...but i guess you could say they were one of those "you had to be there" moments.
ohhhh but i will share this with you,during our photo session at the beach we all experienced a "hold your breath" moment when my fedora hat flew off of my head and almost into the vast ocean. luckily i reacted quickly and sprinted after that hat!(surprisingly...considering the state of mind i was in) THANK THE LORD, HALLELUJAH i caught that hat cause i was definitely not going to jump in the water,especially when creepy dead manowar jellyfishes were floating around.

the following are a few pictures from yesterday:

^my buddy,evan.

^becca & i

^megan & i

becca & i played chubby bunny with peeps :P

Chubby Bunny:

p.s. check out her other entertaining & amusing videos; her youtube name is: ndtitanlady


  1. awh, i wanna live in floridaa(:
    follow it? :)

  2. honestly, the city I live in sucks. if you read my first blog post,I think its obvious how much I hate living here :P +there's absolutely no culture in melbourne & I also despire florida because there's no H&M here :(
    but actually orlando is definitely a lot more lively,I wish I lived up there...I sorta just typed out a bitch rant :P hahh sorry,got carried away there.

    but mmkay I'll follow your blog as long as long as you do the same for me since it's only fair :]
    btw,I'll put you in my links once I get on the computer.


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