i found it all, but i lost my soul.

shorts- forever 21
belt- wet seal
earrings- H&M
shirt- ?

my grandma just recently gave me this shirt,it was probably from a relative. i actually grew up in cali and lived there for 6 years. my step-dad was stationed at travis air force base,which was in fairfield + it was great since it wasn't far from the "bay area" and we used to drive there often. we would also take yearly trips down to san diego,despite the 10 hour drive and always driving by the stinky cow farm, it was always worth it to reunite with family. *sighhh every time i reminisce about the past i get into such a gloomy mood. but even though i miss cali so much, i won't have to miss it for too long since my plan is to go to college there,i'm still indecisive about where or what college but it'll either be near the bay area or down in LA. sooo just 3 more years and i'll be back home.

p.s. despite the fact i'm honestly a perfectionist when it comes to writing, i usually don't use capital letters or proper sentence structure on here, it's cause i honestly hate using capital letters, i know i totally contradicted myself, but who gives a _ _ _ _ , it's the internet no one cares...
on the bright side, at least i dont type like this: wAsz uPP h0M3sl!c3
(no offense) ♥ :]

AND LOL at this!!

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