I'm a riot!

I'm so excited for this weekend,I think this will be the funnest weekend this month since after this weekend I'll be super busy with projects and schoolwork. oh & currently I'm working on a song with kaya about the 60's + we get extra credit. oh & if you have any suggestions or ideas about what we should include in our song, just email me or comment here.
thanks :]
to do list:
1) read The Catcher in the Rye & The Prophet
2) I've been wanting to find something similar to the fringe dress I saw at armani exchange but because I couldn't afford it, I've been hoping to find something else with fringes,a bag,shirt,dress, etc. then when I saw adeline(adelinerapon.blogspot.com)
I was honestly enthralled when I saw her fringe robe/dress. right then & there, I was seriously ready to go on a fringe scavenger hunt!
3) shopping, I bought a shitload of jeans this month, now I need to start searching for some more shirts that I can wear at school and when I go out.
4) find a dress I can wear for spring/summer
5) lose at least 10 pounds because I gained back everything I lost last month.

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