très chic

last night, my little sisters & i were watching the kid's choice awards (just to see the jonas brothers ofcourse hahaa) so when high school musical 3 won best movie and as the cast walked onto the stage to accept the award...my jaw literally dropped when i saw vanessa's outfit,not only is she gorgeous (and filipino!) i really adore her style, and i felt slightly jealous of her fringe top since i've been quite obsessed with fringe for awhile now...i think the reason is is because the black fringe dress from armani exchange stole my heart.


  1. i love Vanessa. no matter what people say, i don't care. she has a pretty nice style, and i love the hippie touch that she gives to every outfit.
    when i saw the KCA outfit i immediately hated the boots, but that's her. she tends to throw unexpected pieces that leave you loving or hating the whole thing.

  2. yeah,the boots are disappointing... but nonetheless I love the outfit.

  3. haha im about to watch the jonas brothers from KCA on youtube now., haha

  4. hhaa love her boyfriend ;)
    noo..i gree she has a pretty nice style
    love he fringe bag
    thanks for your sweet comment

  5. Hi
    Your blog is very cool =)

    Kisses from Portugal =D


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