I left my heart in Hawaii

  1. I miss waking up to see a bird perched right outside my window chirping softly.
  2. I miss the perfect weather.
  3. I miss the drives around the island.
  4. I miss the humid breeze.
  5. I miss how the beaches were never to far away.
  6. I miss watching the waves and how salty my lips would taste on the ride home.
  7. I miss watching tom & jerry with my grandpa on boring weekends.
  8. I miss my friends, especially the ones I never got to say goodbye to.
  9. I miss that the air in the morning was refreshingly cool.
  10. I miss all of the surroundings I used to see everyday.
  11. I miss the outgoing (cute) boys.
  12. I miss how simple my life was.
  13. I miss the walks to kunia shopping center with marvie.
  14. I miss getting a citrus squeeze from jamba juice.
  15. I miss how starbucks was always freezing cold :p
  16. I miss curly fries from jack in the box
  17. I miss how laid back everything was.
  18. I miss the smell of leis when their fresh.
  19. I miss how beautiful Oahu looks at night.
  20. I miss seeing the huge mysterious mountains.
  21. I miss my family back there.
  22. I miss the freedom I had.
  23. I miss the culture.
  24. I miss everything I took for granted.
  25. I miss the long roads that seemed like they would never end.
  26. I miss shave ice.
  27. I miss riding my bike around my neighborhood when there was nothing better to do.
  28. I miss late nights at marvie's house.
  29. I miss the long ride home because of the traffic.
  30. I miss going to kayla's house to see their dog twix, and ofcourse chillin' with the people that lived there too.
  31. I miss chicken katsu and when rowell would make fun of me cause I always pronounced "katsu" wrong >__^
  32. I miss walking around waikiki.
  33. I miss the rice cakes (I think that's what their called?) in chinatown.
  34. I miss malasadas!! mmm :D
  35. I miss every little thing that makes up the island of Oahu.

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