money, that's what i want.

whats up bloggers, it feels like i haven't been on here for awhile. well ever since i broke my cell i don't go on the internet as often (everyday) because i had access to the internet on my cell, and now i have to rely on my parents computer. *sigh* so anyway, my mom and i went to target tonight...and as i was looking in the clearance section, i found an adorable black cardigan that was $8. i also wanted a dress that was $14 but ofcourse my mom bought the cardigan. don't you just hate it when you find something cute but you can't buy it because you're broke? ugh, just one of the many reasons i need to start working. i'm determined to buy that dress, and once i do, i'll definitely post pictures on here.

note to self: i should start looking for thrift stores.

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